Creative solutions are best expressed by a disciplined hand.

At Shamus Rennie we strive to deliver creative and disciplined solutions. We achieve this through fostering a strong engineering culture that is supported through codified systems of design and delivery. With over 60 years of service experience in the HVAC industry, excellence and delivery have become a part of our DNA.


Shamus Rennie Air Conditioning

Shamus Rennie Air Conditioning was established in 1958 and has been dedicated to the design and installation of commercial HVAC systems nationally ever since. Shamus Rennie specialises in medium size commercial installations for such clients as Mc Donalds, BP South Africa, Woolworths, Pick ‘N Pay, Universities of Cape Town, Pretoria, Potchefstroom and multiple other commercial clients.

Shamus Rennie Manufacturing

A division of Shamus Rennie (Pty) Ltd, the manufacturing plant produces a large range of standard and specialised products including ducting, grills, covers and specialised sheet metal products. The manufacturing plant utilises state of the art computerised equipment, ISO product planning and tracking systems and is supported by in house engineering and design staff capable of delivering a wide range of metal products.

Shamus Rennie International

Established in 2018, in response to demand for the design and delivery of large specialised HVAC systems for the pharmaceutical, food processing and hospital market, Shamus Rennie International has developed and codified a unique design and delivery system that is able to perform in highly specialised and sensitive environments. With many large and specialised projects having been completed, Shamus Rennie International is in a unique position to understand the scope and risk of these large and specialised system requirements. Our ISO 9001 compliant delivery system ensures a highly professional approach to your work and the guarantee of quality and transparency.

Shamus Rennie Services

With over 60 years of installations on a national and international level, it would seem obvious that there would be a large base of existing installations requiring support. In 2020, Shamus Rennie took the step of spinning off the maintenance and repair department into a full blown services company. This base of past experience, codified systems, highly qualified personnel and engineering and design support places Shamus Rennie Services in the perfect place to serve the needs of site managers and property management companies in need of maintenance and repair services. With the support and association of the Shamus Rennie group, the Company can offer a wide range of services including evaluation of existing systems, calibration, maintenance, supply and fitting of filters, commissioning and re-commissioning of systems as well as updates and upgrades of existing HVAC systems.

Shamus Rennie Worldwide

As the Shamus Rennie reputation grew for being able to deliver large and complex HVAC systems, the need arose to be able to perform these services not only nationally and internationally within Southern Africa, but also more widely into all of Africa and the rest of the world. Shamus Rennie Worldwide has a very strong emphasis on Engineering, Project Management and the supply of products utilised in the installation of HVAC systems anywhere in the world. Shamus Rennie Worldwide has developed an engineering, design, planning and execution system that is completely scalable and enables the Company to ensure the coordination of locally sourced labour for delivery of HVAC or construction projects anywhere in the world. Our system of Project Manager development and training insures a seamless and scalable model that can be utilised anywhere in the world. Our quality assurance processes guarantee a close watch on construction from the outset of the project. Coupled with our Gannt Chart based management methodology, we feel confident that we can handle multiple projects at various locations anywhere in the world with the same efficiency with which we handle multiple national projects at one time. Allow us to show you just how efficient we can be.

We pride ourselves on taking on challenging projects

We nurture a culture that is unique and special in an attempt to avoid corporate behaviour at all costs. We strive for excellence in all that we do.